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Team United Fashionistas ♥
I have an AMAZING group of ladies on my Paparazzi Team – I am honored to be able to work with them.
I can’t stress enough how important it is to join a strong and supportive team if you are considering becoming a Paparazzi Consultant.  With a strong upline, you get quality support and a bunch of information.  Team United Fashionistas can offer that to you.  Some things to consider: 
  • I have a NATIONWIDE team and feel that I specialize in being able to support my long-distance team.  I do this through emails, phone calls, facebook support groups, newsletters and more. Whatever assistance you need is right there – I’m just an email or phone call away.
  • I keep them Accountable -Which is what someone needs to be successful- I am their Cheerleader.
  • I set up a time to walk them through Everything they need to get Familiar with. Not only that, but I constantly work with them and their goals. I ask them How much they want to make and How many New Team Members they want in the Team each month.
  • I Create leaders. I help them learn everything I know so that they can help their team.
  • I offer special incentives to my team to help them grow and expand as they reach goals.
  • My team is part of the strongest line in Paparazzi – the Up-line is unbelievable and my team is a part of that.  Various up-lines offer different ADDITIONAL incentives to their teams each month, along with a few great exclusive Consultant Informational Websites – my team has access to those.  The up-line is a great benefit of being on Team United Fashionistas.
  • My team is strong and a great size – but not too big, so you won’t get lost.  You’ll get the individual attention you need to be successful.
  • If you would love to sign up under a consultant near you but still be under my umbrella, I’d be happy to put you in touch with one of my team members closest to you.
I am Consultant #7502.
Premier Producer #7502
Leader, Trainer and Recruiter