How much is shipping?

For consultants and customers, it is $5.95 for less than $100 and free over $100.  So consultants get free shipping when they buy 37 pieces (I recommend buying 40 to get the extra free piece from corp). and customers get it when they buy 20 pieces from the website.

How long does it take to ship?

Allow 3 FULL BUSINESS days for your order to be packaged.  Then it heads to shipping.   It will ship either UPS or USPS depending on many factors.   The headquarters is in Southern Utah.  So once it is shipped, you can figure out how long it should take to get from Utah to where you live.  Order early and don’t wait for the last minute.

What are hostess benefits?

When you order from corporate, you get 1 free piece for every 10 pieces you purchase.   When a hostess has an online party, they will get 10% of free jewelry.  You can give more hostess benefits if you would like.  Many consultants do.

What are starlet shimmer items?  

Starlet Shimmer items are intended for the younger crowd (children) though some older people will wear the rings as toe rings and some of the earrings.  You do not get hostess benefits on starlet shimmer items.  They are no available for purchase on the customer website.  There is no PV on SS items.  The cost is $5 for a package of 10  – thus $.50 each.  The suggested retail price is $1.  Except for the SS clips.  They are the normal $2.75 and retail for $5.

What is PV and OV?

PV is short for Personal Volume.  Each piece of jewelry is 2PV.  OV is Organizational Volume and it is everyone who orders below you volume (does not include your own).

What do I need do to be active?

To be active for a month, you need to order 50PV.   50PV is 25 pieces.  Starlet shimmer doesn’t count.  To keep your account active, you need to order 100 pieces (200PV) in the last 12 months.

Should I charge Tax?

If you do not charge tax it cuts into your profit. Anywhere you shop you are required to pay the tax. Customers should understand this when shopping with you as well.Can I charge less than $5?You cannot charge anything less than $5 per regular item (Starlet Shimmer $1). You can charge more than $5 if you choose, but would be responsible for any sales tax for any amount above $5 and your exact tax.