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Creating a Mailing List

Creating a Mailing List
Keep in touch with those who have bought from you.
Having parties and events is fun!   It’s an awesome feeling to help women feel beautiful for a great price AND make money at the same time.  And even though Paparazzi rocks, how many of the people at parties and events (that you […]

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Paparazzi Drawing Forms

Paparazzi Drawing Forms
Getting Future Business!

Often when I hear about people doing parties and events, I ask them how many people entered their paparazzi drawing forms or how they are doing on following up on their leads.   There is a brief silence and they say, “I don’t know what you are talking about.   I […]

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Protected: Paparazzi Accessories – Step 4

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Let’s Talk Confidence

?Let’s Talk Confidence?

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Your Paparazzi Display

What A Difference A Paparazzi Display Makes
Whether you’re setting up a party in the cramped living room of your latest Hostess or filling a large booth at an expo, your Paparazzi displays set the tone for your customers’ shopping experience.  A cluttered, chaotic presentation hinders a shopper’s ability to easily see what products you offer […]

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Q & A about Paparazzi Accessories

Have you ever thought about making extra money? I know, you’ve probably never given thought to selling make up or jewelry, but seriously, have you thought of making money enough to possibly look at some information that may help you in your decision?

You find yourself going to these parties, having lots of fun and spending […]

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Paparazzi Accessories Starter Kits

How much does it cost to become a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant?

Paparazzi has completely done an overhaul on their Starter Kits now offering 3 new options! And in each of these Kits you will receive marketing materials, the hottest new accessories, and displays that will make you $5 bling look like a million bucks!!!

Affordable […]

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Paparazzi Accessories Recruiting Package

Let’s tell the truth! You always have a bunch of people that wants to join your team, but they don’t do it. You stop following up, you are not creative, have no idea what to give to people who are interested in your Paparazzi Business…. Well!! I am here to help! At least Hope I […]

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8 Tips to have a Successful Paparazzi Facebook Parties

I was Invited to do a Conference call for Michelle Johnnie  and her Team The Johnnie’s Jewels.  It was an Honored to do so…. The Subject, you may ask, How to Keep in touch with your Customers so that you can ROCK your Facebook Parties…

I am Originally From Lima,Peru. When I started Paparazzi I didn’t know anybody. […]

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How to use Cinchshare for Your Paparazzi Accessories Business

How to use Cinchshare for Your Paparazzi Accessories Business
Wanna Learn more on How to use CinchShare for your Paparazzi Business?!?!

Save the Date for this FREE LIVE TRAINING!
The CEO and Director of CinchShare will be there live to answer questions.

Group here:
Sept 24th, at 7pm EST

As you all know, I am very known for doing Facebook Parties. […]

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