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Great Idea for Easter


Saw this in one of our groups on Facebook from another Consultant, Catherine Wilfong, such a creative way to promote Easter! She said: “I’m trying this mystery gift idea at my next event. I just tied the item in the top of the large egg (from the dollar store) and closed it together. I […]

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What A Difference A Display Makes!

Whether you’re setting up a party in the cramped living room of your latest Hostess or filling a large booth at an expo, your Paparazzi displays set the tone for your customers’ shopping experience.  A cluttered, chaotic presentation hinders a shopper’s ability to easily see what products you offer and will limit the amount of […]

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Your Replicated Paparazzi Website

Did you know that as a Paparazzi Consultant, you receive a personally branded website? Yes! For FREE!!!!! This website is Known as a replicated website. This incredible business tool allows you to introduce others to the fabulous world of Paparazzi with professionalism and style. It also offers your customers an easy way to […]

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REMINDER!!!!! (read all the way down)
*The last day to be counted as active by ordering 25 pieces (50PV) is Feb 28 at 11:59pm EST (9pm PST, 10PM MST, 11pm CST). Check your account. If you returned items or were shorted in an order and got your money back, those don’t count towards your PV. If […]

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Another way to Carry the Jewelry


So in one of our groups in Facebook, this lady share an idea. I always tell my Team Members to take the jewelry everywhere they Go. You have to, as a consultant, Share the love of your business with others! What a better way not just to respond to a Compliment of your […]

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1000 Paparazzi Accessories Pieces Sold


Awww God is soooo Good!!! He blesses me soo much!!! This month my goal was to sell 1000 pieces!!!! Today we have HIT 1000 pcs sold in the Month of February!!! YAY!!! Thank you so much to all of you who have purchase from me!!! You have been a HUGE help to me […]

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Why the $499 Kit is the Best Paparazzi kit?

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