Jewelry joy


So in one of our groups in Facebook, this lady share an idea. I always tell my Team Members to take the jewelry everywhere they Go. You have to, as a consultant, Share the love of your business with others! What a better way not just to respond to a Compliment of your jewelry with: “Thank you, Here is my business Card” But Better yet: “Oh my goodness, Thank you! Did you know that it only costed me $5? and it comes with Matching Earrings! It’s called Paparazzi Accessories, Have you heard of it? … Would you like to take a look?! Is Nickel and Lead Free and Everyone is in love with it!” << See How easy that was?! if I can do it, why couldn’t you!


You can find this same Plastic container at Walmart for $20, in the Jewelry and sewing section.


Or this one! I like it because it’s like a Purse but even better and bigger! for only $17.88 at Walmart!

I always say to think outside the box! Share the Business with others and let them know about Paparazzi!!