Hypoallergenic vs. Nickel Free

The most common allergic reaction for jewelry wearers is an allergy to nickel. Those with nickel allergies usually suffer from red, irritated skin like a rash, itching and discomfort. People with this type of reaction usually try to wear jewelry that is hypoallergenic. However, did you know that something labeled “hypoallergenic” is not necessarily “nickel free”? Some wear sterling silver or gold, BUT…did you know that nickel is a common component of metals, INCLUDING lower quality gold, some stainless steel and some sterling silver?! It’s true!

All Paparazzi Accessories items are “NICKEL FREE”. We don’t include the label “hypoallergenic” because that label does not always mean that it is nickel free. So when you go to your favorite department store or other jewelry company, and purchase the overpriced item just because it says “hypoallergenic”, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re wasting your money. Paparazzi Accessories is nickel free and all only $5.00 for the same look others offer with high margins.

You cannot recognize nickel free jewelry. It all looks the same, so you have to read any label available or get the information from the salesperson…if they know. The FDA doesn’t have a definition for hypoallergenic, so again, even with that label, you could still have an allergic reaction, leading you to believe you can never wear any costume jewelry without horrible, painful consequences.

I cannot tell you that if you wear Paparazzi Accessories that you’ll never have any reaction, but what I can tell you are the testimonies from my customers and other Paparazzi Accessories Consultants. People that have never been able to wear other costume jewelry have been able to wear Paparazzi pieces. It has made it possible for them to enjoy the happiness it gives a woman to wear something beautiful without breaking the bank. Instead of having one necklace to wear all the time that cost them hundreds of dollars, they can now wear all varieties of jewelry, colors, styles and something different with every outfit. All for only $5.00 each.

On the off chance that you still have an allergic reaction to nickel free jewelry, there are other options to help. You can coat the inside of rings with clear nail polish. Expensive pieces can be coated with rhodium to prevent them from touching your skin. And you can buy inexpensive clear plastic covers for earring wires to protect your ears from contact with metals. I hope this has been helpful and can help you enjoy the fun of shopping for Paparazzi Accessories… the affordable fashion! >> Click Here