Here’s directions on How to create my display (which makes organization much easier!!!) This was not my original idea. I saw it somewhere (I can’t remember it if it was in another group or Pinterest or what… I don’t even remember it if was Paparazzi related). I just modified slightly to fit my style. I tried to make this as detailed as possible (pricing, options, etc).

What you’ll need:

  • Hanging files
  • Duct Tape
  • Binder Clips
  • Garment Rack
  • Chains
  • Larger Rings
  • Hanging File Box


1. Start by removing the metal hangers from the file folders. Depending on the glue on the folders, you might have some paper left behind. Don’t worry about getting it all off, just get enough that you can work with them. You’ll need two of the metal bars for each hanger (1 from each side of the folder)…WARNING! – My hangers had some metal shards sticking off. PLEASE be careful. I gave myself a pretty nasty “paper” cut with one of the shards when I first started. Just be aware that’s possible so you don’t slice yourself up. 😀

2. Put the two hanger “face to face”. Mine had “grooves” in them, so I put them together so the concave side of the one when into the convex side of the other.

3. Tear off a piece of duct tape the length of the metal hangers so that it will sit just inside the hanging edge when stretch end to end (meaning you don’t want to wrap the “hanger” ends.

4. Lay the two metal hangers on the edge of the duct tape length wise. Then “roll” the hangers over and over so you wrap them in duct tape. (You could just wrap one end or the other, but I found if you lay them the lenght of the duct tape and “roll” them over and over until all the tap is wrapped, it gets a smoother finish). Now your hangers are done.


1. Determine the height and width of your garment rack. I got mine at Target for under $30 (I want to say it was $28.99, but I could be wrong) Mine worked out that WITHOUT extending the arms out, I can do two rows of the hangers and it is about 5′ high at the highest. Get chain in this length. For mine, I went to Home Depot. They have lots of colors and sizes. But I liked the black so it doesn’t “detract” from the metals of the jewelry. I also like the smaller links – I feel it is less “intrusive”. I think I paid $0.51 per foot. I needed four 5′ lengths two do two rows of hangers.

2. Use large rings to attach the chains to the top of the rack. I used large metal shower curtain rings. I paid around $7 for a pack of them. You can find large binder rings at office supply stores as well, I believe, but I was at Target already…Just feed the top length of the chain through the ring and hook the ring around the top of the garmet rack. If you don’t want to use the rings, you could use Velcro or twine or something. I just like how strong and secure the rings are (the original example I saw used Velcro. I was afraid overtime, with the weight and wear and tear, they’d give out…and my luck in the middle of an event!)

3. I haven’t done this yet, but I’m going to get a black shower curtain or black curtain with grommets to hang on the rings as well to act as a back drop to the hangers. This will also allow you to use the OTHER side of the display too. I’m thinking this will be perfect for events where space is limited. Set it perpendicular to the table so folks can see either side?

Storage and Use:

1. To use the hangers, just use binder clips to attach the Paparazzi cards to the hangers. I do 6 per hanger. If I have duplicates, I just put them on the other side.

2. To use the display, put one end of each hanger in the hanging chains.

3. To store (this is my favorite part of this whole thing), I just put them in a hanging file. I put each hanger in it’s own file to keep the necklaces separated. I’ve been using the storage system for 4 months now and have yet to have a necklace tangle with another!

This is awesome because your necklaces are easy to send in the hanging file to do basket parties. (I have a folder in the back with all my paper supplies for the hostess). Setting up the display is so simple! I leave the chains hanging from the bar. I just lower the garment rack to the lowest setting and then I take the ends of all 4 chains and feed them through one of the rings already on there to keep them from dragging or getting knotted. To set up, I free the ends, raise the rack, pull the hangers from my hanging file and on the rack. I think once I create a second one for my earrings and necklaces, my set up and breakdown time will be NOTHING. As it is, to set up and break down just this dispaly now takes about 5-10 minutes totals for both!

If you have any questions let me know and enjoy!

*Written by one of My Team Members, Erin Ringwald, For more information about joining her Team, Click Here!

11080995_10203958736624462_421785649206918050_n This is how they fit in the file.

11074710_10203958736664463_805745497195171022_n The last folder keeps my paper work for basket parties.

11081216_10203958736704464_5882677497045975459_n All in their proper folders. Currently, I can fit 7 folders with 7 hangers (one in each folder). When this picture was taken, my hangers weren’t full. Now they’re jam packed and I can’t really fit any more.

11062809_10203958738384506_2935810686160498819_n The display set up. I think it’ll look so much sharper with a black shower curtain or curtain hanging behind the hangers to make the colors pop! I love how easy this was to make and to set up!