Hostess Coaching


As a direct sales consultant, you know that home parties are the lifeblood of your business. You should also know that the only way to have a successful direct sales party is to effectively coach your hostess. She is your business partner for a day, and she needs training to help you have the best party possible.

The best way to coach your hostess is to have clear goals in mind. You need to provide comfort, motivation, guidance and appreciation to your hostess in order to have a successful party!

Goal #1 – Comfort 

Your hostess should feel like you are her newest bestie. If she does not feel comfortable with you, she will be afraid to come to you with questions, or even worse – avoid you entirely. Build rapport with your hostess and create a lasting relationship, and this won’t be the last party she books!

How to build rapport:
Compliment sincerely – and not something obvious
Ask questions – about her job, family, hobbies, etc.
Make a connection – find a common interest
Show enthusiasm – be excited to see her!

Goal #2 – Motivation

You need to properly motivate your hostess so she knows how to help you throw the best party ever. If your hostess doesn’t have a good enough reason to get 10 people to her party, she’s not going to work hard to get them there.

Remind her she only gets any booking bonuses if she has a minimum of 10 guests in attendance. A wish list (by using the website) is another way to motivate your hostess – find out exactly how much she wants to earn, and show her how reaching those goals is easier when more people attend. Let her know it’s her job to get the bodies there – it’s your job to pique their interest.

Goal #3 – Guidance

Your hostess is nervous about entertaining all these people, and fretting about how she will get enough guests. It’s your job to show your what she needs to do in order to get the best attendance to her home party.

Start by explaining that only about 30% of invitees will actually attend the party, so she should aim to give out all the invitations you provide her. She can mail them or hand them out personally, whichever works best for her. Let her know that she should have them all out by a set date – and be sure to mark that date on her dates to remember postcard!

Three days before the RSVP/guest list due date, send her a text asking her to send out a reminder call, text or email to anyone that hasn’t responded.

Two days before the party, text your hostess and ask her to send a final reminder to any confirmed guests reminding them about the party and start time.

Goal #4 – Appreciation

Be sure your hostess knows how much you appreciate her opening her home and taking time to have a party with you. A few days after you close the party, send a thank you postcard. On the back, include the total amount of sales, the total amount of free product she earned, the total amount you earned and a discount on a future purchase. Why do we include the amount the direct sales consultant earned? So your hostess sees how easy it is to earn a lot of money with your business! As you’ll find out, your hostesses are your best potential recruits.

Effective hostess coaching is one of the best ways to increase sales at your direct sales home party. When your hostess feels comfortable, guided, motivated and appreciated, she is much more likely to recommend you to her friends!

*Article by Superstar Sellers