If you want to book more parties, try giving away a “free gift” at a party or event. It just needs to be a cute package. Give away a piece of jewelry you want to get rid of. If you want to add the “dice game” to the free gift, you will book more.

What do you need for the Game?

  1. One pair of dice
  2. 11 cards with envelopes numbered 2-12
        • 2- GRAND PRIZE
        • 3,4,5,12- WIN A PRIZE
        • 6,7,8,9,10,11- BOOK A SHOW
  3. Several goodie bags (I put a piece of Jewelry)

Before you start the game, tell everyone that this game is optional.  To play, they must do what’s on the card.  They roll the dice and pick a card that goes along with the number.  If their card says “Win A Prize”, they take a prize from your basket of prizes.  If their card says “Book A Show”, they must book a show.  And if their card says “Grand Prize”, they get a gift and book a show.  Remind them that when they book a show, they will get lots more for free at their party (1 for every 10 pcs sold).


Also, have your calendar in front and center with dates ready for bookings!!!! NOW is the time to start booking like crazy!!! Let’s do this Fashionistas!

Another Game? 

Deal or No Deal

Bring envelopes with notes inside that say either “Prize” or “Book A Show”.  Pass the sealed envelopes to everyone. Let them know this is a “deal or no deal” situation. They could win a prize or book a show but either way they have to do what their envelope says.  If they don’t want to play, they simply say “no deal” and give back the envelope.  But if they do say deal, they need to do what it says, either pick a prize or book a show.

Variation: You can also tape a note, note side facing down, to a candy bar.  Hand them out with “deal” or “no deal” on the note.  Do the rest the same.

Creatifulkids-birthday-countdown-for-kids-balloons-3The Balloon Game – 

As guests enter the party, give them each a balloon.  Inside each balloon is a folded note.  Tell them that this is their balloon for the night and to hold onto it.  As the show goes on, they’ll be curious about this balloon and what’s inside.

Time to check out, tell them that inside each balloon is a bonus/prize.  If they book a party, they can pop the balloon to reveal their prize.  It can be anything from free shipping, a small item, gift certificate to a local shop or a Grand Prize that will be given at their show.  That’s up to you.

I love this game.  Once your guests hear the first pop, the rest want to pop theirs too.  At one of my parties, nobody jumped right in to try it.  Finally, a guest told me she wanted to book.  I got out my pin and popped it for her.  After that, the pops were everywhere.  It just takes one to get it going.