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Green Plague?

Some people seem to think (and say) “oh that ‘cheap’ jewelry turns my skin green”.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The fact is that your skin turning green (or any other color) is based on your own body’s ph, not jewelry.  Medications can change your body’s ph, lotions, etc. can make a difference […]

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Create a Google Checkout Form

Create a Google Checkout Form
Make checking out and gathering info easy
When doing Facebook parties, I have said many times that whatever you do in person, you have to replicate online.   So how do you replicate a drawing slip  and gather info so you can keep up with your customers and turn them into long-term customers? […]

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Time Management

What are you doing for your Business Today?! I’ve been so busy since Friday. I work Paparazzi mostly M-F. Over the weekend I’ve learned that if I want my Business to take off even more, I really need to Prioritize. -I bet you didn’t even think that I wasn’t huh?- Well, I am Human, and […]

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