Create a Google Checkout Form

Make checking out and gathering info easy

check out 3When doing Facebook parties, I have said many times that whatever you do in person, you have to replicate online.   So how do you replicate a drawing slip  and gather info so you can keep up with your customers and turn them into long-term customers?   How do you conduct check out and ensure you have their mailing address correct?  You ask them for it!!! Create a Google Checkout Form!! The easiest way to do both of these things at one time is to Create a Google Checkout Form.  I use a Google Checkout form every time I ask you to turn in your results in any contest I do.  I also gather my customers’ info at Facebook parties using this tool also.

When my guests buy from a Facebook party, I ask them to fill out this form and submit it.  Here is what mine is.  You are welcome to copy it and tweak it to fit you.  Notice, it is very similar to my drawing slip, but I get more information because I am also using this to mail packages and check people out.


When a person fills this out and submits it, it goes to a spreadsheet that keeps track of all the responses in one place.  It is heaven!  No more worrying about losing little pieces of paper or typing the info into my own spreadsheet.  It is automatic.  All my customers in one convenient place.

TODAY, let’s walk you through setting up your own Google Checkout Form and then DO IT so it is ready for your next Facebook party!!!!  Follow this tutorial and you will be set!!!

To create a Google Checkout Form, I think you have to have a gmail account.  They are free and so nice and convenient.  If you don’t have a gmail account and want to make one, you can easily google it to find out how to create one.  It isn’t hard.

Log into your account.  Next, you will want to click on the 9 little squares at the top right of your gmail account. That will drop down this box.  Click on “Drive” that looks like a 3 colored triangle.

google forms 12


google 3

**make sure you are logged into Google**

Click on “New” in the red rectangle at the top left.


Then you should click on “more” at the bottom.


That opens up this box where you will click on “Google Forms” with the green square.


Your screen should look like this now.


Click on “Untitled form” and type what you want your form to be called.  Mine is “Facebook Party Checkout Form.”  I think that describes it very well:)

Next I clicked on “Form description” directly below it and wrote, “My way of gathering your shipping and billing information!  Thanks for filling it out!”  You can write what you want there.


Then you are going to start writing what info you want.   So you click on each space and write….

Click on “untitled question” and I wrote, “What is your name?”

If you feel like you need to clarify what you are asking then you can fill out the help text.  I don’t usually use that box in the checkout form so just skip it.


Then at Question Type, you click on the space to decide how you want the customer to answer.  If you want them to just be able to fill in an answer, click on “Text.”  For longer answers, I clicked on “Paragraph text.”

If you are asking a yes/no question, you may want to select multiple choice OR Check boxes and type in their choices where it says “option 1”, “option 2” and “yes” and “no” or “More Info”.  I did both on my form just to see the difference.  There really isn’t any other difference than one has circles and one has squares they click.  You can experiment.

23911fae-20cd-4b9b-8144-e6ae3643042bWhen you are done writing the question or your whatever your request is, then click on the blue “done” button at the bottom of that question.  It should look like the finished product with your question in bold lettering.  I assume the “required question” makes it so they HAVE to fill it out before it will submit it.  You can click on that if you want.


To add your next question, you click on “Add Item.”


Repeat that process for as many questions as you want to questions as you want:)   On the question about Booking a party, some consultants will actually write days they have available for parties so people can choose right then.  (I used the “help text” in this question to write more details.)  If you don’t want to have dates right then, then you can just do “yes” or “no.”  If you do put specific dates in your form, you will have to edit it for every party or when a date gets taken.  You can do that by clicking on the pencil on the right side.  You can delete it by clicking on the garbage can.     Write whatever you want on all your questions.328a32a7-3c76-4503-8bf1-0dbd739a7dd9If you want to move questions around without deleting them, just drag them where they are supposed to go.

When you are done with your form, mark the “show link to submit another response” and click on “send form.”


This screen should come up.  Click on “short Url.”  that will make the address much shorter. Then Highlight the short https address.  That is the link that you will copy and paste and tell people to fill out!   When they click on this URL, it will take them to the form!!!20ad5ecb-b61b-4332-bae2-e40de0d1e370

To get the results of what people fill out, go back to your gmail account or to your Google Drive.   To get there from your email, click on those 9 little squares at the top right, then drive.  Once you are in your Google drive, just look for the name of the form.  Click on it and it should open right up to show you what was typed.  This is also how to you get back to the form to edit it or get the URL again.  You can see the actual form and then the responses.


That was pretty easy, right?   If you have questions, please let me know. This should take about 20-30 minutes to do and will save you a TON of time down the road!!!!  Take the time and do it TODAY!!!!

If you choose not to do a Google Checkout Form, most consultants just contact the customers via PM and ask for their info.  If you do that, I would recommend you ask them if they would like to host a party, get info on joining and if they want to receive a newsletter. I hope this makes Facebook parties much easier and more organized!!!!  I love it!

*Thanks Michelle Johnnie