Looking to boost sales… These are my Mothers Day specials.


$20 plus tax, when you fill 4 items to fit in the box you get the box with purchase! Ready made gift, no wrapping!
I made these from dollar tree. My point is that they buy 4 items that fit in each slot. Automatic $20 plus tax, purchase! What do you all think? These are super easy to make, no glue, flowers just pop in lid. Cut a square piece of tissue paper and make a divider out of cardboard. Easy!!!!!!
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I bought a bouquet of flowers and they had about 5 on them each so all 5 were a $1 and then I bought a vine of the daisies and there were 5 on there and that was $1. If you want other cheap ideas for a mothers day gift, you could look around for different discount codes or coupons from somewhere like PromoCodeWatch.com!

*Thank You so much Jennifer Pannill for such a Clever Idea!