Let’s talk liability insurance. Do you need it??? That is up to you…. Do I recommend it….yes. You just never know. It takes one person or incident that can change your life. No I am not trying to scare you but we live in a time where people wouldn’t think twice about making a claim against someone…we see it all around us. Why not protect yourself? If you owned a store front you would need insurance anyway. So where do you go for it?? You can research Direct Selling Liability Insurance…many companies out there. Some have you join their association and then you pay for the insurance..some will just have the direct insurance. I have found a company that has great coverage double what others are offering. $75 per year Go to to take a look.

DSWA is another option…you have to join their association for a fee and then buy the insurance. Their coverage is half of the DSCoverage. DSCoverage is all online and you can grab your certificate right there on line. An insurance company that has been around the early 1900’s. But go ahead and do your research… I didn’t want to have to join a group to get insurance. This was my best option. *FYI…they do write plans for DSWA… but this is their own DS coverage.



*Thanks Donna VanHorn for the Info!