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How to have a Successful Facebook Party?


OKAY SO… TIP OF THE WEEKEND! Remember the poll I had going where I asked you if you send a personal message to your friends inviting them to your Party? Well…. YOU ALL SHOULD! I’ve Privately message each of my friends and customers inviting them to my Flash sale (this coming Monday). You ask why? […]

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Paparazzi Parties Made Easier with CinchShare

How to use Cinchshare? This Software makes things simple so you can focus on what matters most. This has really help my Paparazzi Business!!

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Labeling Paparazzi Accessories

Paparazzi Accessories names each piece of Jewelry and accessory. Every time we put an order in, we will receive the items with a Label. But because we want to show the item, we don’t want to leave it on its bag, so we often throw it away. I personally used to write down all the […]

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Combined business and vacation travel

If you go on a business trip within the U.S. and add on some vacation days, you know you can deduct some of your expenses. The question is how much.

First, let’s cover just the pure transportation expenses. Transportation costs to and from the scene of your business activity are 100% deductible as long as the […]

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