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Reinvesting In Your Paparazzi Business

Going Green: Reinvesting In Your Business
Many businesses fail because of the misguided mindset of only taking steps forward. Building a business isn’t an easy forward stride, but instead is more like a cycle: two steps forward, one step back. Just as your profits begin to improve, some of your outgoings like utility bills will increase, […]

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Paparazzi Exchange Policy

Every time a Customers purchases from me, I always put a Exchange Policy Paper inside their Pink Bag, along with my Business Cards, and Ways to Earn Free Jewelry! I always Thank them for their Order with a “Thank You” Note. Always Follow up with them!!!

REMEMBER: The MLM is a system where the key element […]

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Acceso de Bronce, Plata y Oro en Paparazzi Accessories

¿Quién quiere este * NUEVO * impresionante Premio?!?!

Para ser capaz de obtener el ACCESO DE BRONCE, desde julio 2015 a junio 2016 tienes que acumular 5,000 PV en los pedidos (que significa que usted necesita comprar 2.500 piezas dentro de un año) que es totalmente factible!
Así es como va a funcionar:
1. […]

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Re-Inversión en su Negocio

Reinvierte en tu negocio

Muchos negocios fracasan debido a la mentalidad equivocada de solamente dar pasos hacia adelante. La construcción de un negocio no es un paso fácil hacia adelante, pero en cambio, es más como un ciclo: dos pasos adelante y uno atrás. Piensa que tu modelo de negocio contiene dos […]

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New Paparazzi Accessories Awards 2015

Biggest Announcements!!!!
*Paparazzi will start carrying STUD EARRINGS and HOOPS!!!!!
*Empower Me Pink will be in Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, Florida and Ohio so far next year.
*Fashion Fix will be exclusive to those who enroll for the first 15 days.  After the 20th, anything that is left over is available to anyone.
*Life OF the […]

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Sold 503 pieces of Paparazzi Jewelry this Week!

W.O.W! I am just in shock! All I can say is THANK YOU!!! I am VERY VERY Thankful!!!! Didn’t think I was going to hit my goal! I told Danny that I was going to sell 500 pcs this week, and BOOM! Incredible! Praise the Lord for being so good to us!!!! Thank you all […]

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