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8 Tips to have a Successful Paparazzi Facebook Parties

I was Invited to do a Conference call for Michelle Johnnie  and her Team The Johnnie’s Jewels.  It was an Honored to do so…. The Subject, you may ask, How to Keep in touch with your Customers so that you can ROCK your Facebook Parties…

I am Originally From Lima,Peru. When I started Paparazzi I didn’t know anybody. […]

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How to use Cinchshare for Your Paparazzi Accessories Business

How to use Cinchshare for Your Paparazzi Accessories Business
Wanna Learn more on How to use CinchShare for your Paparazzi Business?!?!

Save the Date for this FREE LIVE TRAINING!
The CEO and Director of CinchShare will be there live to answer questions.

Group here:
Sept 24th, at 7pm EST

As you all know, I am very known for doing Facebook […]

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United Fashionistas – September’s Team Incentive


WOO HOOO!!!!!! ~ September’s Team Incentive!! YES!!!! 4 Prizes!!!!!!
1. Zi- Collection Necklace (Of your Selection) – Entries for every 50 pieces (100PV) you purchase this month!!!
2. Paparazzi water Bottle- For the Person who has the most “Personally Sponsors” (New Team members) This month!
3. Paparazzi Compact and Purse Hanger – For the Person who has the […]

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