facebook valentine Party

I was Invited to do a Conference call for Michelle Johnnie  and her Team The Johnnie’s Jewels.  It was an Honored to do so…. The Subject, you may ask, How to Keep in touch with your Customers so that you can ROCK your Facebook Parties

I am Originally From Lima,Peru. When I started Paparazzi I didn’t know anybody. The Only Family that I have, here in the US, is my Mom (Georgia), My Brother (Oklahoma), and of course my own Family (Danny, Joshua(17), & Samuel(15)). So right there, there is no excuse you can give by YOU saying, well I don’t know anybody here, I don’t think I can do this…. YES YOU CAN! I was in the same position, and I have over 700-1000 Customers who have purchase from for the past 3 years.

My First Party was at a Museum (My apartment was small), and I passed out flyers at the Parking lot of Walmart. I invited anyone I came in contact with, People from Church also. You have to believe in YOURSELF, and the Product you are showing to others. HAVE PASSION for your business… Excitement is contagious!! Let anybody know! Invite Everyone to your first launch Party.

HOW BAD DO YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL?!?! IT TAKES EFFORT!!! How bad do you want to pay your bills? How bad do you want to quit your jobs and stay at home with your kids? How bad do you want to pay a Student loan?! Takes EFFORT, CONSISTENCY & PERSEVERANCE!

So… Enough of my Background…. Let’s get to the Tips I have for YOU!

  1. You have to be consistent. Invite Friends or those “loyal” Customers to your Facebook Parties. You cannot stop for a month or two! You have to keep doing Facebook Parties. Even if is once per month.
  2.  You have to have a VIP Group.  That’s the Place where you can sell your Product to your customers, where you can get referrals.
  3. You have to have a Facebook Page.  Yes, I know… Facebook Pages are not where you will sell, they are important for other people to find you, and where you need to post tips, ideas, quotes, etc. That’s the place where you connect with your customers.
  4. Add people as Friends. You need to stay in touch with them. Facebook is use to network with people. STOP advertising about your business on your personal account!! That’s why you have a VIP Group to advertise there! Keep you personal account positive and Fun! You can post about your recognition as you are blessed in the company, maybe Selfies wearing the Jewelry, but STOP being salesy!
  5. Add your Customers to your Newsletter. I use Mailchimp. It’s easy and I keep in touch with my Customers.
  6. Be Personal!!!!!  Get to Know them!!! Recognize those who are your best customers! Recognize their Birthdays! etc
  7. Personal Message them! – HUGE!!! You need to apply this for everything!! Whether you want to book parties, whether you are inviting them to your Parties, Whether you want to add them to your Newsletter/VIP Group. You need to be personal, and by Messaging people individually you are doing so.
  8. FOLLOW UP! Message them, find out if they are pleased with their product.

Whenever you are doing Your Own Paparazzi Mystery Facebook Party,  pick people that you believe would love to be invited to your parties or have told you, invite me next time you do a party. THEN send them a Private Message inviting them personally to your Party! (What’s a Mystery Facebook Party? Click here).

Keep GOING! Don’t stop just because 1-3 parties didn’t go right!!! Stick to it!!!


Andrea Hutcheson’s call about how she has built a long-term business and keeps in touch with customers so she can rock her own FB parties!!!