Let’s tell the truth! You always have a bunch of people that wants to join your team, but they don’t do it. You stop following up, you are not creative, have no idea what to give to people who are interested in your Paparazzi Business…. Well!! I am here to help! At least Hope I do!

I have put together this Information Package which I mail out to people who want to know more. I make it personal, and I always follow up within 2-3 business days from mailing the package! Those who cannot join, or have excuses, it’s okay! I put them in my journal, so I can follow up with them.

I always make sure I set up a time to talk to those who received my package, that way I can be even more personal, and I can tell them my story. I tell them how Amazing and how much God has blessed us through this business.

Here are The files I use on my Package:

Compensation Plan  – Click Here

Brochure – Click Here

FAQ  – Click Here

Top 10 Reasons – Click Here

Application – Click Here

Here are some additional Images you could include:

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For more Information check out this Video:


How a Simple Notebook Can Help You Grow Your Team –
Recruiting follow up can be easy…

Let me FIRST say that I LOVE office supplies…LOVE them. I think that is why I went to graduate school, to get new notebooks, pens, highlighters, sticky notes…
So, at first it was simply because I wanted to buy THIS composition book… and if I bought the composition book I would need some new pens: {anyone reminded of Give A Moose A Muffin?}

Since I REALLY wanted to try out those new pens, I began adding EVERY SINGLE PERSON to that notebook if they responded with a yes or maybe when I asked them the important question: “Would you ever consider doing what I do?”
If they ended up joining my team one of the BEST parts was adding “SIGNED” to the top of the page.

I realized that I would sign someone about every 10 pages!
My next goal was— you guessed it! GET 10 pages filled!!