Have you ever thought about making extra money? I know, you’ve probably never given thought to selling make up or jewelry, but seriously, have you thought of making money enough to possibly look at some information that may help you in your decision?

You find yourself going to these parties, having lots of fun and spending some money for yourself?  Have you ever stopped and looked at the consultant, wondering, just how much money is she really making and what is she doing that I can’t learn how to do too? Have you ever silently watched what they did and perhaps saw yourself doing the same thing? Maybe, maybe not. Next time your at a girlfriends party of some sort, pay attention.

Here is what you should typically find. The consultant is having fun. She may be a little nervous and unsure, but she is having fun. Her products are being bought. The girlfriends are having fun! She is making money off what is being purchased. If she is a little skilled, you will see her ask for more parties from everyone there. You will see her get more parties, which in this business, is our life line, your out of business if your out of parties. period.

You may also see her recommend this company as a tool to make money. She will offer the opportunity to recruit and guide her to do the same thing she witnessed that evening. Going over the compensation plan and how she makes money.

What you will ultimately find is that with a little training and skills, anyone with a little umph in her can do this business, or any home based party business for that matter. Here are some questions that you may have outlined for you. Should you seek more info about becoming a consultant, please contact me with your questions. Q & A about Paparazzi Accessories:

Q: How much do you make? A: We make 45% in sales of the products. We also make commissions for building a team and helping them to grow in their business.

Q: How many hours a week does it take to do this? A: It depends on your goals. You will have a chance when you get started to set some goals with your recruiter or director. What hours you put into your business is entirely up to you, we will guide you into how many hour to effectively work your business to make money and to balance your life as well.

Q: How much does it cost ? A: There are several options you can come in as a Paparazzi Accessories consultant. The first option is the basic kit which is $99 You get 35 pieces of Jewelry and this entitled you to purchase from the company at wholesale, use the replicated website and sell the products at the suggested price. The other options involved purchasing bigger kits which include product, sales aides and supplies (Is best because you have more jewelry to show…). Those kits start at $299 (120 pieces) and $499 (200 pieces). Be sure to check with consultant for any company recruiting specials.

Q: Are there any minimum ordering requirements? A: To become an active Paparazzi Accessories consultant you need to purchase at least 100 pieces within a calendar year. There are some ordering requirements that involve career advancements, see consultant for that information.

Q:  How do you advertise or generate business? A: great question! There are several ways to advertise or generate business. One of my favorites is working local vendor booths. simply check into your community calendars for listings and contacts. Also Our Famous Facebook Parties!! Selling and Networking with people online is just Amazing and Easy! Another, and most popular is hosting open house events with hostesses. That is where the fun is! Another way is to market to salons and boutiques to sell on site. There are several ways to market this product and the company endorses cash and carry! We also have “basket” parties where a hostess takes a basket or a bag of products to work or school and sells on the spot. These are awesome to have 2-3 out in a week plus 2 parties!!

Q: What kind of training can I expect? A:  You will be joining the top/fastest growing team in the company. I am the Only Consultant that has a Fast Start Program to teach you how to take your Paparazzi Accessories Business to the next level.

You will have all the BEST training you need at your fingertips. We have a Team website www.UnitedFashionistas.com and we also have a FB group for our team. We have weekly trainings and support from the Top Leaders in the Company!!

*Paparazzi is also perfect for salon and consignment shop owners.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment here or email me @ united.fashionistas.team@gmail.com.
If you are ready to learn more, then give me a call 765-247-9843 or text or email me and let’s get you started! www.paparazziaccessories.com/7502