I just Joined Paparazzi Accessories



Hi! My name is Andrea Hutcheson. I am an Executive Producer with Paparazzi Accessories. You are under the umbrella of the “UnitedFashionistas Team” and I am so happy to have you join us in the Amazing World of Paparazzi! Your leader is Amazing, so if you have any questions don’t forget to ask your sponsor. We are all here to help! Let’s Flourish Together! You are going to love your Journey! Remember it takes a bit of time but it’s so worth it! #DontGiveup




Just Joined Paparazzi

Here are my main tips while your waiting on your STARTER KIT to arrive!

1.  Create Your VIP Group
2. Learn about the Fashion Fix and sign up in the Waiting list. www.dreasjewelry.com/fashion-fix
3. Set a Date for your Launch Party.
4. Order your Business Cardswww.Paparazzitools.com {Promo code VPBC500}
5. Get a Paypal account and a debit card (its FREE)
6. Get a squareup.com account and a reader (FREE)
7. Get a Domain Name at Godaddy.com (Ex. Mine is www.AndreaHutcheson.com )

How to Create a Domain Name?

Now Let’s get to the Very Basics! 

STEP #1 – Once you have signed up as a Consultant, you received a Consultant ID#. Let’s Start by learning how to login into your Back Office (BO) and then we will learn more about their Tabs and features.


Link to Bookmark: https://tools.securefreedom.com/Paparazzi/Home/Dashboard

Enter your ID# and Password.


Here is how your Back Office Main Page will look like.

Need more help login into your Back Office?

Once you are Very Familiar with your Back Office (go find out what each tab does), the next Step is updating your picture, adding your Social Media Icons, and your Story.
You will also need to learn How to put your “First Paparazzi Order.”

To updated your Replicated Site – Profile Picture, and Your Story. – CLICK HERE

To learn How to add your Social Media Icons to your Replicated Site

To learn How to put your FIRST Paparazzi Order in. —

STEP #2 – You have Joined Paparazzi and are ready to do Launch your Business! With your LAUNCH Party! <3 (You will do one at your Home (OPEN HO– USE Style) & One on facebook.)

First of all Let’s learn on how to create a NEW Party in your BO.
1. Click on “PARTY”.
2. Then… Click on the Top right corner “New Party Event”
3. Haz click en “NEW Hostess”
4. Fill out the form with your Hostess Information.
5. Click on “Save New”
6. On the Following Page Click on “Distribution Type”
7. Choose the Option “Direct Ship Guest”
8. Fill out this form with the date of the Party, Name of the Party and make sure Your hostess’ info is correct!
9. Your Party is Ready for Customers to shop on your site… Your Consultant’s Shopping site is: shop.paparazziaccessories.com/#ID

Now, you’re ready to head over to FB and start your party page over there.

945568_929097230509427_7554714778003111895_n (1)

How to Create a Party?


How to Create a New Hostess?



VIRTUAL INVITE – Where to find it? Where is the Direct Link?…
1. Click on “New Order”
2. Click on “Profile”
3. Click on “My Parties”
4. Open the Party that you’d like to see more details of.
5. Information about the Party and you can also “Copy the LINK”



So now you’re ready to start your launch party! Follow these directions and ask us if you have any questions at all!


* We, as consultants, make 45% Commission.
(Direct Sales- Cash and Carry! You get your commission right then)
(Website – You will receive 45% Commission, and will get paid on the 20th of the following month )
* When you build a Team –

Consistency is your businesses best friend. Once you finish with your launch party, you will want to keep that group open. You can change the name if you like. This will become your business page/group. I add all my hostesses to this group and any customers I become friends with.