Capitalize on Mother’s Day

Capitalize on Mother’s Day

If you think there is only one gift-giving season during the year, you are drastically selling yourself short!  Spring naturally draws people out of their homes in search of brighter colors, fresh new styles, and reconnecting with those who hibernated the winter months away.  The spring season is FULL of gift giving opportunities.  It all seems to start with Easter, followed by Mother’s Day!

Are you prepared to take advantage of the frenzy that comes from Mother’s Day shoppers?  Here are some tips to help you capitalize on the opportunity we have to celebrate the amazing mothers and mother figures in our lives:

Think Outside the Box.  Everyone has a woman in their life who deserves to be celebrated.  Moms, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, and more are being honored this time of year and that means lots of people looking for gifts.  Make sure EVERYONE knows you have fabulous gifts for everyone on their list.

Prepack Gift Sets.  Many shoppers don’t want to think about what goes well together.  Prepacking a gift set takes the guesswork out of it – and makes you look like a fashion expert!  If you’re a little unsure on what pieces work well together, look to the Fashion Fix sets!  The five different Trend Blends found in the Fashion Fix can cater to a broad range of customers.  There is sure to be at least one that your customer will love.  Put a complete Trend Blend in a gift bag ready to go and easily turn a $5 sale into a $20 one.     

Book Future Parties.  As you have an influx of customers browsing your displays, don’t forget to have your party calendar available.  Graduation, prom, and teacher appreciation are just some of the MANY reasons to party throughout the spring season.

Remember the Golden Paparazzi Rule: The more you stock, the more you sell.  Make sure you have enough inventory on hand to give your shoppers a variety of pieces to choose from.  Few things will halt sales more quickly than having a display that looks like it’s been picked over and the perceived unwanted leftovers are all the remain.

Don’t forget to include your business card with every single purchase!  If you really want to make a lasting impression, follow up with your shoppers to see how their recipient liked their present!  That personal touch is what sets Paparazzi apart from the competition.

*Source: Paparazzi Accessories