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“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, 

we would literally astound ourselves.”   Thomas Alva Edison

I know that inside each one of us is something spectacular.  Something very special.   We all have the potential to be more than we are right now.  – To be more successful, to be more kind, to be more happy and so on.

First, I want you to Start by writing down your WHY.

Why did you start this Business?? What do you want Paparazzi to do for you and your Family??

Next, I want you to right down your GOALS, and put them somewhere where you see them everyday. Start by asking yourself, How much do you want to make this month, and how many team members will you add to your empire this month.


Decide you will accomplish it and watch what happens!

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Let’s rock this business by first announcing it on your social outlets!

Let everyone know you started a new adventure and would love their support!

Make sure you create your VIP Group on Facebook. {Click Here}


Copy and paste below your announcement and 2 other posts throughout the day.

Here is a Example. Make sure you take a selfie with a Happy face. It would be awesome if you have a piece of jewelry on. Paparazzi of course.

Hello Everyone! I have joined the Jewelry Biz to help provide an income for my family. I am so excited about this adventure! I would love your support. The Jewelry is Nickel and lead Free, Super Light Weight, and the Best part of all is that Everything is only $5+tax! Yes!!! Would you like to see some of the Jewelry I will be receiving in my kit? Comment ‘me’ and I will add you to my Awesome VIP Group! I will have giveaways, games, inspirational quotes, Wear it Wednesday, Fashion Tips and more! Thank you so much for your support!  PS. I am offering FREE Shipping this week!

Make sure you also take a selfie and post it on your wall when you get your “Starter kit.” It will also be great if you could take a video or a Facebook LIVE with you opening your kit. {This is Social Media, and we want everyone to know that you started this new business and you are committed to it}

You will Boost your Business this Month in no time!

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