How to package and ship your items

Here are the Pictures I made, and you can use. I print them through Vistaprint and as “Business Cards.”

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CLICK HERE to Download Images


If you watched my Shipping Video (Above) I mentioned “Pink Baskets” from the Dollar Store to make order’s go Smoothly. Here is a Picture by Jennifer.


If you watched my Shipping Video (Above) I mentioned #BubbleMailers from #MailersUSA! Here is a sneak peak of what they look like. I love the quality and bulk price. (Fashionistas Pack 6.5×9.5)

What do I use to Package and ship my Paparazzi items to my Customers?

Customer Service is a HUGE deal for me.

Pink Baskets, from Dollar tree, to put the jewelry in. I use Index cards, and Put their name and how many pieces they have bought so that I can confirm.

You need a scale. I bought mine at Walmart. Click HERE

You will also need tape, scissors, and shipping labels. If you are shipping many items, you might want to look into direct thermal printing for printing them. This can be a great solution for small to medium businesses with a modest supply chain.

I also bought Re-closable clear bags, which you can find at the jewelry/Craft section at Walmart, to put the jewelry in.

I put my Business Card + The 5’s of Jewelry care inside of one of the bags.

I use Tissue Paper to wrap items in, and then I tape my “Thank You”cards on the Tissue Paper. You can also get stickers through Vistaprint.

I use Bubble Mailers from MailersUSA, but you can also find them on eBay or Amazon. I have 6×9 AND 10.5 X 15.25.

You can also purchase some regulars at Walmart. But it would be cheaper if you purchase them in a big lot. I’ve also bought Boxes, because it fits more and I can mail them Priority. I love it!

I send Invoices through PayPal, and Print the Labels through them as well. Cheaper than going to the Post Office. (Click Here to know more about the Paypal Labels)


Let me know if this has helped, and if you have any more questions!