33669_108587585872454_1517796_nWhy I joined Paparazzi Accessories…

How this decision changed our life… This decision has been one that was done with A LOT of thought and knowing the risk that accompanies it! Yes, I was scared, but after 3 years I am proud to tell you that I couldn’t be more blessed and Excited! A few years ago, I was going to College, working a job where they paid me $7 per hour. It wasn’t a bad job, but it was not enough money, that’s for sure. My husband had a decent job with benefits. By decent, it mostly paid for our bills and expenses. I can’t complain because God plays a BIG role in our life. He will always provide for many things, and we trust Him.

At that point I was looking for something that I could do on the side that would bring extra income. I joined many DS companies, but it seemed like I only spent money instead of making money. I am the one who does the finances, and pays the bills. If you are like me, you know that this is very very stressful. All my hubby has to do is ask me if we have money in the bank, and I say yes or no lol… Well, not really, but I try to not stress him since he works hard. In July of 2012, my friend invited me to go with her to a “Paparazzi Accessories” Party. I wasn’t really sure what Paparazzi was, I only knew that I didn’t have the money to go to “those” parties, but I went. WOW… It was Jewelry and accessories that were only $5.00 and little diva’s items that were only $1.00. They were very cute but affordable! I didn’t feel bad because I could afford 2-3 little divas earrings!

While I was waiting for my friend I was looking at everyone going crazy over this jewelry! I was thinking, man! I could totally do this! It’s only $5, is cute and really easy to sell! I started asking questions, she told me that the jewelry is nickel and lead free, that it is a very new company that just launched at the end of 2011. Consultants make 45% commission and leadership bonuses (10-5%). I was very impressed! Then I asked… How much is it to join? It was $300 for a 100 pcs kit (at that time). I told her that I didn’t have the money but that I would do anything to earn my kit! I did basket parties, and instead of earning hostess rewards I would get those towards my kit. I tried to sell some old stuff I had to save for my kit. Later, I contacted her, and I invested the money. I also had a launch party where I sold $400+ and had 20 people attend. I did my launch party at a museum, because we used to leave in an apartment. It didn’t cost me anything to do my party there. So, like I said, I joined Paparazzi Accessories, hoping it was my lucky break it life. Surely, I could sell cute $5 Jewelry!!! I was very nervous and a little insecure, but I knew that this Paparazzi business could be a definite bonus to our family.

In September 2012, I decided I was going to put my whole self into this business to make it work! I just received $1000 and I decided to put all of it to order more jewelry! My goal was to invest until I had 900 pieces. I always told myself, the more you have, the more you are going to sell!

It was rough because we didn’t see any money coming in for us to use, since I re-invest every penny I made. My husband was very upset. He said that this was another of my hobbies and that I need to take another job. So I did. I was working 2 jobs and doing Paparazzi. I was selling the jewelry through Facebook (Facebook Parties) and taking it everywhere I went to show it. I started to network and meet lots of people and making longtime friends and customers. Even though I am from another country, Peru, and I am still learning English, I wasn’t ashamed to share my business with others.

Events 2013In July of 2013 I decided to do a Fair event. Events that year weren’t outstanding, but I kept trying. Looking to find the perfect event that will bring lots of income… And so I did. I set up that year and sold over $1000 and booked 21 Home parties on the spot! It was Amazing! I was so excited!!!!
In July of 2014 we decided to move to Missouri, because of my husband’s job. I was able to tell my husband that I was going to quit my jobs and do Paparazzi Full Time. I wanted to help my Team Members make money just like I was. God gave me the opportunity to help others through Paparazzi. I love teaching them what I know.

10518990_499169723556196_7942759580285350571_nIn December of 2014 I’VE won a FREE Cruise! I was so excited! I have accomplished many things through this company thanks to God and my hard work and willingness to keep going. I can’t believe it! The Future with Paparazzi is bright! I am making more than what I used to make with two jobs in one month! I have 900+ pcs and a room at my house exclusively for my jewelry! (People can come anytime they want to shop!) We know that there is so much possibility with Paparazzi Accessories. I have the potential to continue to do VERY WELL!

Between my leadership Commission and my sales (yes, I love doing parties and selling Paparazzi. My goals every month is to sell 1000 pieces), I make more than I ever thought possible! It’s hard to believe how much I make from $5 Jewelry. Women LOVE it!

Paparazzi Accessories has given us the freedom to do things we would never do. We are constantly working so hard and will continue to make GREAT things happen!

2985_sunsetsightings-completelookIf you are interested in Paparazzi Accessories, you can read more on my Paparazzi Blog and contact me, or if you live in Missouri or anywhere else and would like FREE jewelry, I’d be happy to do a Party for you. Just send me an e-mail at drea.hutcheson@yahoo.com and let me know where you live. I can do Facebook parties if you are not local, but if you want a home party somewhere else, I have team members who can do parties or answer questions too. I have over 900 team members in 44 states now! This is the same quality as Claire’s boutique, Charming Charlie’s, etc. but only $5!!!!! Plus, our Jewelry is Nickel Free and all the Necklaces come with Matching Earrings.

Paparazzi Accessories just got a New website which is FREE, and also upgraded starter kits! MORE for less! You can check out examples of the Jewelry HERE. My team is growing rapidly because of the support that is offered, the one-on-one training, and the success that comes with trendy, affordable Jewelry and accessories. I would love to help you earn money from home like I have done and many of my team members had done. I am the one who knows how to have Successful Facebook Parties and everyone else wants to know how I sell 100-200 pcs at a party! I will be able to teach you personally how to do one! My biggest Paparazzi Facebook party has been of 503 pieces sold within 2 days. I am on the strongest team in the whole company and would love for you or someone you know to join me. Please send me an e-mail at drea.hutcheson@yahoo.com for any information about having a party, wanting jewelry or information on joining my Team “United Fashionistas” . My consultant number is #7502 if you just want to join or click HERE (but I’d love to talk with you first).

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