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How to Package and Ship your items

How to package and ship your items

Here are the Pictures I made, and you can use. I print them through Vistaprint and as “Business Cards.”

CLICK HERE to Download Images

If you watched my Shipping Video (Above) I mentioned “Pink Baskets” from the Dollar Store to make order’s […]

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Create a Mailing List

Creating a Mailing list,  AND adding names/emails
Keep in touch with those who have bought from you.
Having parties and events is fun!   It’s an awesome feeling to help women feel beautiful for a great price AND make money […]

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Drawing Forms

Lead Slips/Drawing Forms
Getting Future Business!
Often when I hear about people doing parties and events, I ask them how many people entered their drawing or how they are doing on following up on their leads.   There is a […]

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Boost Your Business


“If we all did the things we are capable of doing,

we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas Alva Edison

I know that inside each one of us is something […]

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Joined Paparazzi

I just Joined Paparazzi Accessories


Hi! My name is Andrea Hutcheson. I am an Executive Producer with Paparazzi Accessories. You are under the umbrella of the “UnitedFashionistas Team” and I am so happy to have you join us in the Amazing World of Paparazzi! Your leader is Amazing, so if you have any questions don’t forget to […]

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Mother’s day

Capitalize on Mother’s Day
If you think there is only one gift-giving season during the year, you are drastically selling yourself short!  Spring naturally draws people out of their homes in search of brighter colors, fresh new styles, and reconnecting with those who hibernated the winter months away.  The spring season is FULL of gift giving […]

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Entré a Paparazzi

Entré a Paparazzi

Que hacer ni bien entras al Negocio?

1. Crear Tu VIP Grupo y Página de Negocio en el Facebook.

2. Aprender del Fashion Fix e inscribirse–

3. Decidir cuando vas a hacer tu fiesta de Lanzamiento/ llevar tu kit al trabajo/ ó Abrir tu kit con 4+ amig@s

4. Decirle a tú patrocinador cuánto […]

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Fashion Fix Español

Fashion Fix Español)
¿Qué es, cuáles son sus colecciones y con qué marca comparar?
Familiarizarse con la inspiración detrás de cada colección del Fashion Fix puede ayudarte a ayudar a tus clientes a encontrar lo que están buscando. Y como un bono adicional, siempre tienes una razón para invitar a tus clientes a volver a comprar todos […]

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Preguntas Comunes

Preguntas Comunes
Preguntas Comunes: ¿Cuánto cuesta el envío?
Para los consultores y clientes el envio es de $5.95 cuando la orden es menos de $100 y si es más de $100 es GRATIS! Así consultores obtenga el envío gratis cuando compran 37 piezas (recomiendo la compra de 40 para conseguir el pedazo libre adicional de corp). y […]

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