How to use Cinchshare for Your Paparazzi Accessories Business

How to use Cinchshare for Your Paparazzi Accessories Business
Wanna Learn more on How to use CinchShare for your Paparazzi Business?!?!

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Sept 24th, at 7pm EST

As you all know, I am very known for doing Facebook Parties. […]

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United Fashionistas – September’s Team Incentive


WOO HOOO!!!!!! ~ September’s Team Incentive!! YES!!!! 4 Prizes!!!!!!
1. Zi- Collection Necklace (Of your Selection) – Entries for every 50 pieces (100PV) you purchase this month!!!
2. Paparazzi water Bottle- For the Person who has the most “Personally Sponsors” (New Team members) This month!
3. Paparazzi Compact and Purse Hanger – For the Person who has the […]

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Reinvesting In Your Paparazzi Business

Going Green: Reinvesting In Your Business
Many businesses fail because of the misguided mindset of only taking steps forward. Building a business isn’t an easy forward stride, but instead is more like a cycle: two steps forward, one step back. Think of your business model as containing two processes: Sales (steps forward) and buying inventory (steps […]

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Paparazzi Exchange Policy

Every time a Customers purchases from me, I always put a Exchange Policy Paper inside their Pink Bag, along with my Business Cards, and Ways to Earn Free Jewelry! I always Thank them for their Order with a “Thank You” Note. Always Follow up with them!!!

REMEMBER: The MLM is a system where the key element […]

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Acceso de Bronce, Plata y Oro en Paparazzi Accessories

¿Quién quiere este * NUEVO * impresionante Premio?!?!

Para ser capaz de obtener el ACCESO DE BRONCE, desde julio 2015 a junio 2016 tienes que acumular 5,000 PV en los pedidos (que significa que usted necesita comprar 2.500 piezas dentro de un año) que es totalmente factible!
Así es como va a funcionar:
1. […]

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Re-Inversión en su Negocio

Reinvierte en tu negocio

Muchos negocios fracasan debido a la mentalidad equivocada de solamente dar pasos hacia adelante. La construcción de un negocio no es un paso fácil hacia adelante, pero en cambio, es más como un ciclo: dos pasos adelante y uno atrás. Piensa que tu modelo de negocio contiene dos […]

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New Paparazzi Accessories Awards 2015

Biggest Announcements!!!!
*Paparazzi will start carrying STUD EARRINGS and HOOPS!!!!!
*Empower Me Pink will be in Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, Florida and Ohio so far next year.
*Fashion Fix will be exclusive to those who enroll for the first 15 days.  After the 20th, anything that is left over is available to anyone.
*Life OF the […]

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Sold 503 pieces of Paparazzi Jewelry this Week!

W.O.W! I am just in shock! All I can say is THANK YOU!!! I am VERY VERY Thankful!!!! Didn’t think I was going to hit my goal! I told Danny that I was going to sell 500 pcs this week, and BOOM! Incredible! Praise the Lord for being so good to us!!!! Thank you all […]

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How to have a Successful Facebook Party?


OKAY SO… TIP OF THE WEEKEND! Remember the poll I had going where I asked you if you send a personal message to your friends inviting them to your Party? Well…. YOU ALL SHOULD! I’ve Privately message each of my friends and customers inviting them to my Flash sale (this coming Monday). You ask why? […]

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Paparazzi Parties Made Easier with CinchShare

How to use Cinchshare? This Software makes things simple so you can focus on what matters most. This has really help my Paparazzi Business!!

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