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{ Style Snapshot } With its rustic undertones, many people assume that brass is a metal reserved for the fall and winter months. However, it can easily be worn throughout the spring and summer by pairing it with light airy fabrics and colorful prints – especially florals!

Get this entire set for only $20 by shopping […]

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El especial de Junio con Paparazzi Accessories

GUAUU !!!!!! Para aquellos de ustedes que han estado en la valla de la firma, su espera ha terminado!!! Tenemos un incentivo increíble para empezar con su negocio Paparazzi lo mas pronto posible!!!!
Nuestro kit Mediano vendrá con 20 piezas extra de forma GRATUITA! y Nuestro kit grande incluirá una cifra de 40 piezas […]

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June’s Paparazzi Accessories Special

WOW!!!!!! For those of you who have been on the fence about signing up, your wait is OVER!!! We have an AMAZING incentive to get YOU started with your Paparazzi business ASAP!!!
Our Small Home Party Starter Kits will come with 20 extra pieces for free and our Large Home Party Starter Kits will […]

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It’s been 2.5 years with Paparazzi Accessories

2.5 years ago I told my husband that I wanted to help our family. I joined many Direct Sales companies in the past, but never made any $Money$. It seemed liked I just kept spending the money we needed in product that didn’t sell. I even tried having a Team, but didn’t see any Leadership […]

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Time Management

What are you doing for your Business Today?! I’ve been so busy since Friday. I work Paparazzi mostly M-F. Over the weekend I’ve learned that if I want my Business to take off even more, I really need to Prioritize. -I bet you didn’t even think that I wasn’t huh?- Well, I am Human, and […]

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How to Welcome a New Team Member

No matter where your Paparazzi journey takes you, it all begins with the same step:  Becoming a Consultant.  Do you remember what your first month with Paparazzi was like?  Were you overwhelmed?  Unbelievably excited?  Confused?  Did you feel support from your Sponsor?  Did you know where to seek out answers to your questions?
On the other […]

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You CAN Make Money with Paparazzi Accessories


Is Very Easy to make Money with Paparazzi! All you do is Show the Jewelry to ANYONE and they will buy it! I made this picture because I am a very visual person and it helps me determine how much money I want to make each month! So how about YOU? How much Money do […]

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Accessorizing Different Necklines

The placement of a necklace can make or break an entire outfit.  Just as there are colors that work well together, there are certain necklace designs that work better with certain necklines.  Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you (and your customers!) are shopping for your newest favorite $5 addition.


V-Neck:  A v-neck […]

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How to turn $99 into $1000.00

Become a Paparazzi Independent Consultant and buy the $99 kit & 100 sales bags.
Sell those 35 items and reinvest the total sales ($150 + any sales tax collected),
and buy 50 accessories for $148.50 (plus any sales tax and shipping)
Sell those 50 accessories and reinvest the total sales ($250. + any sales tax collected),
and buy 80-90 […]

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