Making the most of your Facebook Business Page

  1. Create a Name for your business page- What is in a good name? Be You-nique
  • Cool or catchy name
  • Something that evokes emotion
  • Something that is searchable and easy to remember
  1. Facebook Page Don’ts- “Paparazzi by Name” (Learned from Mistakes) 
  • If more than 15 people in the same company use the similar name, your page will not stand out.
    You want to be original and stay away from Cliché.
  • This makes it hard for customers to search for your page and find you.
  • Instead, try this….
  • Think of a name that gets away from the stigma of Direct Sales.
  • Think of a name that separates you from others, you want to stand out in the crowd.
  1. Congratulations, you have your Business Page name, now what??? Follow the next tips and ideas to build an amazing customer base! Get customers engaged and they will in turn spread the word about your business by directing their friends to your page!
  • Start by telling your story and why you joined Paparazzi. This is known as you WHY story!
  • What Paparazzi has done for you and your family or what your goals are
  • Any little steps and strides you make in the right direction- share every success with your audience!
  • In the “about” section of your business page, contain a list the different sign up options along with starter kit information
  • Post inspiring and uplifting quotes, pictures, sayings etc
  1. What are Milestones, and how do I create them? Milestones are a wonderful way to show others all of your success without coming off as pushy:
  • Create a Milestone on your page whenever the following occurs:
  • When you get promoted in rank
  • When you added a new team member to your team
  • Parties you have coming up or ones that you have done
  • Customer Testimonials

Creating a Milestone:

  • Click on Milestone under your facebook Status box
  • Type your story of the Milestone and the name of the milestone taking place.
  • Add the date and also a photo
  1. Jazz Up your Business Page and make it You-nique!
  • Make a lasting Impression with your cover photo!
    • Focus on Customer’s feeling and emotions- How do they feel when they buy Paparazzi Jewelry?
    • Think outside of the box and stay away from “generic” cover photos
    • Put an emphasis on what we do, sell, and how we make people feel
  • Create your own Timeline Cover!
  • Do not write:
  • Ask Me how…
  • Book a Party with me…
  • Now Hiring….

By avoiding this type of wording, customers and future team members will remain engaged and interested.  Get away from the “simple and normal” selling and recruiting wording. Try these techniques instead:

-Give product recommendations

-Provide testimonials

-Offer your customer base different ways to use our products (example-hairclips)

-Useful Tips and Tricks:

-Layering/complimentary colors/clever jewelry organizers/

-Talk about current fashion trends and colors of the current season

-Show color options and what outfits would pair well with those accessories

-Create your own outfit and look at

Recap:  Think about the times you have liked other business pages.  What made you like that page?  Was it a useful idea and tips?  Was it inspiring or a feel good quote?  Relate these answers back with your page. Put these ideas discussed above to use on your page and be consistent and professional with your postings.  In return, you will build an amazing business page and will keep customers and potential team members engaged and wanting more!  Always remember to engage and respond back to those that have taken the time to like or comment on your wall.  Have fun and think outside of the box and the rest will follow!


To get started off right you need to build on a Solid Foundation.  Ask yourself . . . Why did I join Paparazzi?

Write it down below

Be very clear, put a magnifying glass on your why . . . When you can share your passion with others they will want to be a part of your business!