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Paparazzi Accessories Displays Ideas


I recommend Getting the “J” Hooks! They are more stable and so much easier to use! I leave my jewelry on the boards. and because of the “J” Hooks the jewelry stays in place. You can get them Here.

Color-blocking makes this look organized and attractive.


4 pieces of pegboard measuring 24″ x 32″ each (you can get 6 identical pieces this size cut from a large 4′ x 8′ sheet at a hardware store) ($12)

Paint –Use something you already have or buy “oops” paint ($free). Or you can just get the White Boards from Lowes.

4 Pipe and Drape hooks (or 8 of these instead of #4)

4 S-hooks (I bought mine at Wal-Mart — the pkg says HI-77, QTY 4, #6(.192) guage x 1-3/4″) ($2)

Wardrobe rack (2-tiered from Walmart – Mainstays brand) ($15)

Made by Lisa Abercrombie Video Here


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Korena said: “We cut the wood ourselves at home depot and got peg board,spray paint and gorilla glue. I spray painted all pieces (wood was white) and then let dry overnight Next day sanded edges of wood and layed it out to make sure it all fit together. Then glued each piece on peg board and layed horseshoes lol i know…on edges to keep in place and hold down. I was pretty pleased. I added a ribbon a with a glue gun along inner edges because glue was a bit visable. I will prop on easels. “


Another way to display the Jewelry !!! Go to:http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80193066/


How to Guide:
1. I purchased 3 sheets of pegboard at Home Depot and had them cut one foot off of each board. Then they cut the remaining boards into 4 equal pieces which are 2’x3’.
2. Paint all 12 of the 2’x3’ pieces your desired color. Mine are grey.
3. Purchase 2”x2”x8’ boards for the trim. We measured each board individually to make sure we cut them exactly. (just in case Home Depot didn’t cut them perfectly)
4. Paint the trim boards your desired color. Mine are black.
5. Use drywall screws to screw the trim to the boards. We just lined the trim up with the edge of the pegboard so we did lose one row of holes all the way around, but those holes were where we screwed the trim to the boards. You can see the black screws in the picture with them closed.
6. I bought small hinges at Home Depot. They come in packs of 2, so I used one pack per display case.
7. I bought small hook and eye closures at Walmart to help keep them closed. I leave the jewelry in them and use the pink foam for protection.
8. You can display one case individually, or stack two high. I used the long black zip ties to connect them at my last event because I didn’t have any Velcro straps yet. Either will work.
These are free standing, so no need for the garment racks. They fold up nicely and store without taking much space.
Made by: Rebecca Stefani


Wondering about Displays?! Check out Mandy’s Blog on How to:


This display is made by using four pieces of peg board. Each measured 14” by 24” and some zebra Duct Tape that I bought at Home Depot (..cheapest place I have found Duct Tape) ! The head display hooks are actually tool holders in the peg board hooks area. (cheapest I have found are at Menard’s, but Home Depot matched the price, (I showed them the price from my smart phone… so don’t be afraid to ask!) ! — made by Ashlee


Jewelry Case – “Peg board and 1 x 4’s cut to fit. A lot of sanding, which was the worst thing about this project…. hated it! LOL. Painted and husband screwed boards together then glued to peg boards. Attached piano hing, handles and clasps.” Made by Carol


10440263_10152862200059267_180924228298006843_nThe pegboard is 30.5 wide and 48″ tall. The frame is about .5″ wider. So the top pipe is about 28″ wide plus the corners. The bottom/base is 24″from the “T” pipe to “T” pipe. The very Bottom is about 2 12″ pipes with the end cap and T. Hope this helps. This can blow over in the wind if there are no weights or boxes in the legs or the top isn’t tied to something. To transport, I lay them down on top of each other in my minivan. It fits through a side door if I drop one ode a little bit. If you make this type of display, make sure you can transport it 🙂 It is made out of PVC pipe and pegboard. My husband drilled 2 holes in the top of the pegboard and I slide metal through those and into signs to hold them or I just wedge signs into the top between the pipe and pegboard. – Made by Michelle

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