Leadership Basics 101

You do not have to wait until you “know everything” before you begin Sponsoring a team – in fact, you SHOULDN’T! If you have a potential Consultant at your very first party – do not hesitate to start building your team! You can learn TOGETHER! Here is a “Top 10” list for the first 10 things to do with your New Team Member.

  1. Get her signed up! – A No-brainer, right?
  2. Schedule 6 Week Coaching Calls –Get her started on the right track by beginning these calls on her first week as a new Consultant.
  3. Facebook GroupsAdd your new team member to our “United Fashionistas” group page {www.facebook.com/UnitedFashionistas} and the other team pages as they are a great resource with photos, files and tons of support.
  4. First Order Help your new team member with her first order if needed.
  5. Setting her 90 day goals – Help her set her first 3 month goals and set into place her 90 day Action plan!
  6. Take Her To A Party If Possible If your new team member is local, see about taking her to one of your next parties. Shadowing is the best training for parties, as every party will have its own “personality”. Showing her “hands on” training will do more than anything you tell her.
  7. LISTEN, and STAY POSITIVE Attitude is contagious – whether good or bad! There is no such thing as a “Party Emergency”, and a negative attitude is the #1 thing that will discourage a new team member. DO NOT be her reason for failure. This business has its ups and downs – what you focus on will be what you receive more of!!
  8. Congratulate her/him! If she accomplish something, give her a Shout out in our group! Send her a note, or a gift! Let her know that she/he is important to you.
  9. Follow up – As a New consultant they are going to have questions. Answer them! Tag them on files where the answer is at. Call me if you don’t know the answer.
  10. Help them with their FIRST launch party, whether it is a Facebook Party or a Home Party!

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