My Paparazzi Accessories Story

Want to know a little about me? My name is Andrea Hutcheson. I am a Premier Producer with Paparazzi Accessories. I was a college student and I was working 2 Part-time jobs as a Librarian Assistant and a Sub Teacher. Money was usually tight and I was always looking for ways to make extra money to help pay the bills. I’ve joined other Direct Sales, but it seemed like I was always spending more money than bringing any in. My friend got invited to a Paparazzi party, and she invited me but I didn’t want to go because we didn’t have extra money to spend on “expensive jewelry”.

When we got there, the house was full of women buying cute jewelry. Everything was ONLY $5. I started asking questions about the Opportunity. Learned that consultants made 45% commission, and I knew that I could totally do this! Who doesn’t like Jewelry? Specially $5 cute jewelry!  It was a huge opportunity for me to introduce it to everyone!

I called the consultant and asked her if there was any way I could earned part of my kit. I did basket parties and earned 10% of sales towards my kit. I also sold old stuff that I had at home to get some cash so I can purchase my kit. I had to do it no matter what! I had a Party at a Museum for free since where we used to live at was a small apartment. I ended up joining with the 100 pieces starter kit (wish I could have joined with the 200 kit) Sold $400+ that day and had 20 ppl come to my party! That following month I invested $1000 and the next month I became Director (had 4 friends joined my Team). I sold everywhere I went, and I also sold it on Facebook since I was busy with school and jobs.

Here I am 3 years later still selling Paparazzi Jewelry.  I’ve quit my 2 jobs in June of 2014. I am doing Home Parties, Basket Parties and Events. Not only that, I do 5-7 Parties on Facebook per week. My biggest Party has been of 503 pcs sold within 3 days on facebook! Also, My team has grown very large. I am blessed to be part of one of the largest, (most awesome) teams in the company. I am making more than what I used to make with 2 jobs.  I have received super cute gifts from the company, I’ve Won a FREE cruise to Dominican Republic, and El cabo San Lucas. I am receiving the best Support from my leaders and Paparazzi founders. I love the flexibility I have with being my own boss. I work when I want and how I want. With the Ministry my husband and I have, I have time to visit my Bus kids, and I get to help people at Church when they need me. Not only that, I have time to spend with my Family & take care of my home! I have AMAZING friendships with people ALL over the country!  God has been really good to us and has blessed us so much through Paparazzi Accessories!