Daniel and Andrea Hutcheson. Team United Fashionistas

We officially welcome you to the Paparazzi Family!

We are truly thrilled you have decided to join our Paparazzi family.  Paparazzi Accessories’ Mission is “to bring Strength, Independence, Empowerment to Individuals and their Families by building confidence and financial freedom through affordable Fashion.  While $5 Jewelry may not change the World;  We believe those who wear it WILL.”  I believe in the product and I know it sells itself,  and that is one of the reasons why I joined Paparazzi Accessories.  I love seeing woman around all the United States and Puerto Rico feel like a Million bucks with our fabulous $5 Jewelry and Accessories.  (To read my Story, Click here).  Every new Consultant and Team Member plays such a vital role in the continued success of our United Fashionistas Team and the Company.  For that reason, my husband and I, have decided to create a Paparazzi Accessories Training Program that nobody else in the whole company has.  I truly believe that this Paparazzi Accessories Training Program will help you reach a level that could take longer for many others consultants.  I’ve been with paparazzi Accessories for over 3 years and I can tell you that with trial and error I’ve learned so much – still learning – and I know that you will learn everything I know that has worked for me. We are excited to be a part of your new adventure and look forward to seeing your business flourish. perseverance

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Step- 1


Paparazzi Lingo

Paparazzi Lingo – the special language used by our Paparazzi Accessories Consultants. This terms will help you understand different conversations that Paparazzi Consultants have.

Back Office – Is where you log in to order jewelry, check updates, commissions and your team info there as well.

SS – Starlet Shimmer our little girl jewelry and hair accessories

HO – Home Office

GV – Group Volume

OV – Overall Volume

PV – Personal Volume

Downline – Everyone that is on YOUR team[/fusion_text]