How did Paparazzi Accessories Start?

Paparazzi is a newer direct sales company. It was started by two amazing sisters and their supportive spouses. All four of these classy individuals are the kind of people you want for your friends, neighbors and business owners. They are hard working, responsible, intelligent, creative, and kind people. Because of the successful habits they had before starting Paparazzi Accessories, the founders started this company with their own money and it has always been debt-free. They CARE deeply about the consultants!

Misty Kirby started Paparazzi Accessories in the year 2008 so she could  earn some extra money. She started selling handmade jewelry to fund a trip to Disneyland, but the venture turned out to be much more successful than she had hoped for!

Misty and Chani originally just started selling jewelry and hair accessories at shows and festivals. Women flocked to their tent to get a great deal on cute $5 accessories. Soon women were coming to them wanting to know how they could earn money selling these accessories to help support their families. Eventually, Misty and Chani saw that making Paparazzi into a direct sales company that ANYONE could join and be successful at would good for the masses. Not only could people help to provide for their families, women everywhere would be able to accessorize on a budget. Now Paparazzi is across the United States and Puerto Rico changing women’s lives!