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Paparazzi Selling Strategies

Another reason why I love Paparazzi Accessories so much is because there are so many ways to sell the product. Paparazzi Selling Strategies have endless possibilities.

Personally, many consultants know that I am really good at Paparazzi Facebook Parties. I became an “Expert” at it. I’ve been doing Facebook parties since January 2013. I am one of the first consultants who introduce a facebook Party Method. BUT, that doesn’t mean I don’t apply the other Paparazzi Selling Strategies. I am very capable to do them, and have done them. So… What I am trying to say is that try them all and find the one you are really good at and become an “Expert.” 

Besides Facebook Parties, I do Home Parties, Basket Parties, Events, etc monthly. So keep your mind open and try them all. Here are some. Click on the Picture to learn more about them, and apply the tips we give you!

Paparazzi Selling Strategies: Direct Selling - Home Parties


Paparazzi Selling Strategies: Online Store/Website

Paparazzi Selling Strategies: Paparazzi Facebook Parties

Paparazzi Selling Strategies: Paparazzi Basket Parties


Paparazzi Selling Strategies: Paparazzi Fundraising  Paparazzi Selling Strategies: Paparazzi Beauty Salons