There are so many ways to Earn Free Jewelry! Here are some of the Examples!


You can do Home Parties! All you do is invite your Friends over and Earn Free pieces!

10423897_10205758754953176_8850997645767168294_nYou Can do Basket Parties! All you do is take a Basket Full of Jewelry and show it to your Friends!


Facebook Parties are so Easy! I Create the Event and you Invite your Friends (Through Facebook). I post Pictures of Jewelry and they put “sold” under the pictures if they want to buy it!


 What do Hostesses Earn?

Earn FREE jewelry and/or hair accessories for hosting a Basket party, Online party, Home party, or Open House:

The company offers 10% in retail sales for hostesses and we are compensated 2 free pieces for every 20 we buy for our cash and carry inventory.

Along with the 10% I will give my hostesses these as well.

  • 1 free item for hosting (with $50+ plus tax in sales)
  • 1 free item for each party booked (given when their party is held)
  • 1-3 free items if you refer someone and they become a consultant. 1 for $99 kit, 2 for $299 and 3 for $499
  • Hostess Program: When a hostess has several parties a year, she gets a little more from me than my one night partiers*

As a Consultants We can also do… 




 I LOVE doing busy EVENTS!!!!! City festivals, country fairs, women’s expos, home shows, consignments sales, harvest events, craft shows, spring boutiques, garage sales, holiday gift shows, Mother’s Day events, school events, church bazaars, 5K, races, and so many more!!!!!!! Events are a great place to book parties and build your team!

11025793_775595055859646_2110479784994499042_nYou can sell it From your Car! Anything is Possible!


We are NOT DONE with all the ways to sell!!! Schools, Nursing Homes, Banks, Dentist Offices, soooo many ways to sell!!!!! AND IT’S SO EASY!!!!! Just get in places where women are and you will have some sales Can YOU think of 10 more ways or places to sell Paparazzi? Did you think of Fundraisers? Visits to businesses and offices? Retail stores? The sky is the limit:)

Message me today! Whether you want to host a Party OR join my Team, I am here to help you! ♥ 765-247-9843 OR