• Get out into your TOWN!!  The more people you talk to – the more business you will have! Getting out and talking to people is both fun and rewarding. Check your local newspaper for local events or clubs. Take your children to the park and talk to other moms.
  • WEAR PAPARAZZI – wear your items everywhere you go – it’s free advertising and is a great conversation starter!
  • Create a Facebook Business Page – This will help you reach people that you otherwise would never have met. People will share your page with their friends and it’s valuable when your hosts have a party to show their potential guests what cute things they can get for only $5! You will also find ladies that are interested in joining your team and being part of this amazing company. After you get 25 people to like your page you can name your url, do it right away and put it on your business card. Here is an excellent article about advertising on Facebook: http://redneckentrepreneur.com/successful-network-marketing/maximizing-facebook-for-your-business/
  • Create a VIP Group on Facebook – It’s easy  Post Daily and add your Friends there. Have giveaways!
    How to create one? Check here Why? Click Here
  • Attitude and Appearance – It is so true what is said about first impressions! When you look like a business owner, you will feel like a business owner. Body language and tone of voice are also very important. Remember these people are inviting you into their living rooms and giving their money to you. Class, honesty, integrity, and being personable are essential elements to building your business.
  • Car Signs or Magnets Making your car a moving billboard can produce massive results – and is great for tax time! You can also find car magnets at Vistaprint.com or www.facebook.com/decaldazzlebycarol does window decals for a great price of around $10-$15. White lettering usually shows up best. Be sure to have some sort of contact info on it whether it’s your email, website, or phone number if comfortable.
  • Always Have Business Cards Set the goal to hand out 5 business cards each day. When you are out think of all the people you come into contact with: Waitresses, bank tellers, gas station attendants, retail clerks – anybody! Check www.paparazzitools.com
  • Make Your FRANKS list This is a list of people you already know. Whether you know them by name or not, sit and brainstorm all of the people you know. It is estimated that each person knows 250 people – you just need to remember them all. The FRANKS list – Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids, and Spouse) will help you remember everyone. You will find the list in the Marketing Your Business Section.

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