Valuable Information about Paparazzi Accessories

Pricing: Paparazzi jewelry is set to be sold for $5. When you purchase the jewelry, you will be charged your state sales tax and shipping. You can choose to sell your jewelry for more than the $5 mark if you choose but we cannot advertise for more than the $5. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend pricing it for more than $5 as Paparazzi continues to grow and your customers find out they can get it for less they will go other places to purchase it.

Shipping: For orders over $100.00, shipping is FREE! Any other is $5.95

Starlet Shimmer: Starlet Shimmer products are meant for younger girls but the rings can also be worn as toe rings for us ladies! Starlet Shimmer items are purchased at $0.50 per item (earrings, rings and bracelets). Suggested sale price is $1.00.  The Starlet Shimmer items do not count towards your PV.

Packing Foam: The packing foam in your box is great to use to put between your board displays to keep the jewelry in good condition while transporting it to parties and events.

Staying Active: To be searchable on the Paparazzi Accessories Corporate website as a consultant as well as receive any commissions from your team you will need to have purchased 50PV (25 items) in that calendar month. Although to remain with Paparazzi as an independent consultant you must purchase 50 PV (25 items) four times a year which equals 100 items a year. (1 item = 2 PV)

Paparazzi Name: You are allowed to use “Paparazzi” in your email address i.e. If you put “Paparazzi” on business cards, blogs, websites, etc., you must use “Independent Consultant” along with it. You are not allowed to use “Paparazzi” in a website name.

Inventory: Check your inventory as it arrives. You have 3 days to report to corporate of any broken items that are not repairable. If you had purchased a kit when joining you would have received a repair kit to fix necklaces or any other items that has come undone.

Jewelry – All Paparazzi jewelry is Nickel Free and Lead Free, but NOT hypoallergenic. Read more here

Retail Stores/Salons You can put Paparazzi Accessories in any retail store or salon. The suggested retail price is $5; however, the retailer can put it at any price desired. The Paparazzi tags, however, must not be removed.

Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards – Great for your loyal customers. Buy 12 items get the 13th free! You can find them under Marketing Materials – 10 for $1.00.

Hostess Gifts – Paparazzi gives 10% of your order for you for Hostesses gifts/rewards. They will send it with your order in a bag marked “Hostess Rewards”. However, you can decide what you want to do for them. i.e. 2 free pieces for hosting, 1 free piece for every 10 buying guests, and 1 free piece for every $100 sold, etc.

Signing Up – You must be 18 or older to become a Paparazzi Consultant. Also, only one member per household can become a consultant. Paparazzi is currently able to accept those living within the United States as well as Puerto Rico & GUAM to become Independent Consultants.