We have upgraded our website to an amazing site for our team.

GO TO https://www.letsflourishtogether.com/!!

You will find there everything you need!! 

“My husband and I have been doing Paparazzi since 2012. We are a very creative and Supportive to our growing Team – United Fashionistas – We have a passion for our Business and God has blessed us so much! We’ve had the privilege to learned so much and still learning to help our Team Succeed. We are Blessed.” Danny and Andrea Hutcheson Jetsetter, Leaders & Recruiters, Team United Fashionistas


I stay in close contact to all my team members. They can contact me by email, text, phone, and Facebook. You need a dependable Sponsor that you know is there and will take care of you. Looking for Answers? – I have all the resources you need for a strong business! I have all the answers to your questions!

 “After working 2-3 jobs, with the desire to be Faith Stewards for God, He has blessed us with a Business that you can actually make money with! You show a product that is Trendy and Affordable! I had to learned Everything on my Own, and had to motivate myself. It was all worth it! God has Really blessed us, and I love seeing how Many other Team Members have been blessed by this Business. I have quit my Jobs. We have paid a lot of debt. Now, I Stay at Home and help Others!”