Hello __________ (ENTER HOSTESS NAME)!

Your event has been created!! Woo hoo!!

Please be sure to read the below. It’s a little lengthy, but this will help you have a successful party. This also explains how everything works, especially how you purchase items and redeem your hostess rewards AFTER your party ends.

Thanks for wanting to host an online Paparazzi Online Boutique via Facebook! It’s going to be great for both you and your invites. You will earn free pieces of jewelry without much effort at all. Your invites will be able to purchase pieces they love from the comfort of their own home or on the go with any mobile device! It’s a win-win for everyone! Your event will run for approx 2 days.

I added you to the party as a “Host”, and once you accept my invitation, you can invite all your Facebook friends and family just by clicking on the little envelope right under the event cover picture. Please be sure to invite more than 200 people (you must have at least 10 people who RSVP in order to have your event). The more people you invite, the more people will join your event, and the turn out will be amazing!! If you only invite 100 people, approx 5-10 people will RSVP. If you invite 200 people, approx 10-20 people will RSVP, and if you invite 300 or more, approx 20 + will RSVP. Over inviting is ALWAYS the best way to get TONS of FREE items!

After you invite all your guests to your party via Facebook, please PERSONALLY INVITE the 50-75 people most likely to attend and buy at the party either via personal message (PM), phone call or text. You can just copy and paste the below wording 50-75 times. The number of people who attend and buy will go up DRAMATICALLY!! This has been proven!!

“Hi, I’m so excited for my Paparazzi $5 jewelry Facebook Boutique Showcase coming up on ________ (ENTER DAY OF THE WEEK). Everything is really cute and only $5! You will love it! There will be games and chances to win FREE jewelry. Come over and join the party to get some awesome accessories for yourself and some gifts for others and see what you love! (COPY & PASTE PARTY LINK)”

– I will post the rules and “how to” on the event description so everyone can read them.

– Some tips to have a successful party:

  • Promote your event
  • Share how you like or love the jewelry
  • Be engaged/active during your party
  • Post Pictures of you wearing the Jewelry
  • Comment on items people purchase

It will keep the party going and increase your potential for free pieces.

*Your hostess rewards are: 1 FREE item for hosting the party, 1 FREE item for having 50 + people RSVP (before your event), 1 FREE item for every 10 ($5) items sold, 1 FREE item for every party booked off of your party (redeemable at their party).

PLEASE NOTE: hostess rewards are only paid out when a party has sold a minimum of 10 ($5) items, AND if the hostess is engaged/active during the party.

**Remember, AFTER everyone pays for their items, I will send you instructions on how to redeem your hostess rewards & purchase items directly on my website so you don’t have to comment sold on any items that you want.

Paparazzi will send you 1 FREE item for every 10 items sold. I will send you the other FREE hostess rewards you earn. I’m looking forward to partying with you! The only thing you have to cover is your small shipping fee of $5.95 for your items! Woo hoo!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks again!

Consultants Name


*Thanks to Alethea for Sharing this!