I saw this in one of our Team Groups. This is the No Obligation KIT that You can mail out to those that are interesting in Becoming a Consultant. Of course after sending the package is VERY IMPORTANT that You follow up. Here is what is included:

1. Business cards – www.Paparazzitools.com

2. A consultant enrollment form (It’s up to you) – Application

3. The compensation packet. – You Can buy it in Our Back Office (Item#S1011) $1 for 5 Brochures

4. Personalized Cover sheet adhered to the front.

5. Top ten reasons to join – Top 10 Reasons

6. How the company began 

7. How to get started? Kit inventory ratio and costs.

8. On each page I put a footer with my consultant information.

It’s Actually UP to you what you put in this folder. I always write a personal note from me! I tell them How I love to have them on my team, and How I think Paparazzi is a FIT for them. To Find the Files Check out the Tabs or Click on the Links.