Paparazzi Back Office Information

Home Tab

Is where you can find:

  • Company News
  • Your Information (Name, Rep #, Rank)
  • Recent Growth Statistics
  • Last 3 Period Volumes
  • Paparazzi Support
  • Paparazzi Text Alert
  • Shipping Information
  • Suggestions Email address

Alerts Tab

Upgrade to Revolution

Messages Tab

Where you get Alert Notifications (ex. new consultant sign up, birthdays yourself & downline)

Events Tab

It’s a Calendar

Resources Tab

Place to find:

  • Display Assembly Instructions
  • Deductr
  • Forms
  • Logos
  • Marketing Material
  • Newsletter Archive
  • Paparazzi Business Success Plan Forms
  • Social Media Kit
  • Spanish Materials
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Webinar Archive

Pipeline Tab

  • Upgrade to Revolution

New Order Tab

  • Place where you Order New items

Orders Tab

Place to find:

  • Summary
  • All Orders (shows all orders with stock pictures)
    • Print Order statement :Click view order, click print
  • Customer Orders
  • Downline Orders
  • Fashion Fix (to sign up, click “Add New Profile & follow instructions) at this point you will need to call paparazzi at 1-855-697-2727 because there is a waiting list.

Organization Tab

Place to find:

  • Organization Tab
  • Downline Report
  • Graphical Genealogy Pro
  • Graphical Downline
  • Tree View(click on a name, click on placement tab to see your sponsor)
  • Personally Sponsored (shows who you have sign up, rep #s, Name, phone & rank)
  • Downline Email Report
  • Downline Customer Report
  • Downline Autoship Report
  • Downline Return Activity
  • Genealogy Report
  • Rank Advancement Report

Commission Tab

Place to find:

  • Summary
  • My Earnings
  • Commissions
  • Volumes
  • Revolution Bonus Qualifications

Party Tab

Place to find:

  • My Open Events (any party that is open)
  • New Party Event (creates new parties)
  • My Closed Events (past events)

Quick Back Office Tips:

To place a new order:

  • From the home page
  • Click on the Orders Tab (at the top)
  • Click on New

To Upload your photo to replicated site:

  • From the home page
  • Click on my profile
  • Click on edit my picture (on the left hand)
  • Click on choose file (find the picture)
  • Click on upload

To Write Your Story:

  • From the home page
  • Click on my profile
  • Click Edit my profile
  • Type your story is in the box (below the word replicated site text)
  • Click Save (it will be at the bottom)

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